(Requires Java 6)

Patch notes:

Project discontinued
Source code available on download page.

-- 0.11
Multiple levels implented,
use the button "I" to move between levels when standing on "<" or ">".

-- 0.1
A-star pathfinding has been implented,
monsters will now follow you around and attack you if they get the chance.

settings.ini file.
This file now controls level size and the maximum amount of monsters.
If no settings.ini exists, the program will create a new one for you.

You will now have to chose a character name at launch,
this character name will be linked to your save files.
That means, you can only have one save file per character.

-- 0.09
"Alpha" monsters added.
The monsters are static, and will not move.
You are able to attack these monsters with the command 'a',
but only from the right side (left arrow key).

-- 0.08
Minor bugfixes before -- 0.1

-- 0.07
House placement had a minor facelift,
houses do now spawn correctly on all level sizes.
houses.txt no longer requires a copy named houses1.txt

-- 0.06
Moving close to the level edges no longer crashes the game.
Now properly generates the last line of the level.
Changed the way the display is updated.

-- 0.05
Font not being applied has been fixed.
Autofocus on text field when input is required.
Submit button can now be triggered by the enter key.

-- 0.04
Compiled for java 6!

-- 0.03
Small bugfix.
Now loads files outside the .jar.

-- 0.02
Loading implented.

-- 0.01
Saving implented.

-- 0.00
GUI implemented!